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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

If you're planning to hold a birthday party, get-together, wedding, or other special event on your property, you need to make sure your septic tank is functioning properly for you and your guests. Plan ahead and call us to get the job done!

Maintain your septic system at all times

Caring for your septic system is similar to caring for your car's engine. You need to change your car's oil periodically to maintain its condition. Septic systems function in the same way! They need to be maintained at regular intervals and we can handle this efficiently.


Our prices are reasonable and our services are the best in town!

Pump septic tanks on a regular basis

It's a good idea to get your septic system pumped out every 3–4 years depending on the type of system and number of people using it. Light's Septic Tank Cleaning, located in Lone Grove, is available for your septic tank pumping needs. Call 580-465-7088.


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Keep Your Septic Tank Clean Before Events

Maintain your septic