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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

The wastewater generated on your property needs to be cleaned and re-introduced into the environment. The best way to do this would be to understand how a septic tank works and the part you should play in this process. Find out more by calling Light's Septic Tank Cleaning at our Lone Grove office: 580-465-7088.

Learn about septic tanks and the leaching system

The septic tank is a place where all the solid wastes from your home accumulate and are then pumped out of the system. These solids must be cleaned out regularly to prevent them from overflowing into the leaching system every time you run the tap.


The leaching system holds some of the water from the house and treats it before letting it flow into the ground. Common leaching systems include leach fields, dry wells, stone area beds, raised leach beds, and more.

Why maintaining your septic system is important

Pumping your septic tank every few years is a relatively cheap procedure as compared to the costs that could arise if you neglect your leaching system.


Not maintaining your septic system could affect the health of your family and your community. Water contamination is a serious risk and causes severe problems.


Improper maintenance can decrease the value of your property over time and reduce its worth.

Clean The Wastewater On Your Property

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